Economic System in CsGo

Today we will talk a bit about the Economic System in CsGo. Now you´re asking why shall we learn Economics? There are many reasons, one of the reasons is you strategy. So in a Competitive Match you firstly start with 800$. So what are you able to buy with this money.

Dust II

So in my opinion I prefere as a Terrorist to buy a Smoke Grenade and a Flashbang if you´re doing a A Long Rush.

And if you´re going to B Spot you shall take 2 Flashbangs or again a Smoke and a Flashbang. Also some teammates can buy also one Flashbang to let the enemy fall back. So now we calculate what we have bought.

1 Flashbang Cost 200$ x 2 = 400$.

1 Smoke Grenade Cost 300$

A Long Rush Costs: 500$ 1 Flashbang + 1 Smoke Grenade.

B Rush           Costs: 400$ 2 Flashbangs

So now we had talked about the Grenades that you can purchase in the First Round as a Terrorist.

Now we talk about the Weapons. Firstly you start with a Glock-18.

To be Continued….

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